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LIGHTNIN' STRIKES HILO - Click here to purchase

1.  Mr. Feel Good  

      Featuring Rainbow Page on Lead Vocal

2.  It Won't Be Right 
Larry Dupio on Lead Vocal

3.  Not Too Late 

Featuring Willie K on Lead Vocal

4.  Stop n Listen

Lead Vocal:  Larry Dupio

Background Vocals:  Indi Gallina, Greg & Joy McCluer

5.  The Masters Hands

Lead Vocal:  Larry Dupio

Background Vocal:  Joy McCluer

6.  That's What I Do

Larry Dupio on Lead Vocal

7.  Waitin' For An Angel

Larry Dupio on Lead Vocal

8.  The Prize

Dobro & Lead Vocal:  Larry Dupio

9.  Blues For Woody

All Guitars:  Larry Dupio

10. You Take Me Away

Featuring Bruddah Waltah and Andrew Dupio on Vocals 

11.  Good Bye Baby

Featuring Rainbow Page on Lead Vocal 

12.  Aloha Hilo Town (Live)

Larry Dupio on Lead Vocal

Featuring 'Voices of Hilo' 

Musicians at Live Performance:  Andrew Dupio, Wendell Ing,

Jim Marshall, Diana Webb, Reggae McGowen, Danny Steiner

LARRY DUPIO "ELIMA"  - Click here to purchase

1.  Trailer Park Romeo  

2.  Doin' What Comes Naturally

3.  Comin' Back for More  

4.  Love is the Game

Featuring Bruddah Waltah on Lead Vocal

5.  Brown Eyes Shine

Featuring Indi Gallina on Lead Vocal 

6.  Keep Me Company  

7.  Mr. Fear  

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All songs written and composed by Larry Dupio

Published by OIPUD Music LLC

Recorded at Starstruck Studios - Dave Millington

Co-Produced by Dave Millington, Larry Dupio - Hawaii Island 2015

LARRY DUPIO:  Guitars, Vocals, Ukulele, Steel Guitar, Bass

DAVE MILLINGTON:  Keyboards, Cello on "Brown Eyes Shine"


TONYA MILLER:  Photographer

ALVIN FEJARANG:  Graphic Artist 

LIGHTNING LARRY DUPIO - Click here to purchase

1. Playing the Blues
2. Jealous Man
3. It Wasn't You
4. Blues Is Alright
5. Y Do U H8?
6. Gotta Go Surf
7. 2 Love NB Loved
8. War
           Featuring Bruddah Waltah on Lead Vocal
               and Andrew Dupio on Rapping
9. Awake And Dreaming
10. Three Days

This album is dedicated to our Princess Athena Kawehilani Dupio (1982-2012)
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ARRANGER: Larry Dupio
RECORDING STUDIO: Starstruck Studios
ENGINEER:  Dave Millington
MASTERING:  Dave Millington
LYRICS TO SONGS:  Larry and Caroline Dupio, Andrew Dupio
GRAPHIC ARTIST:  Alvin Fejarang
PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Slim Lively, Rhea Sandico Dupio

LARRY DUPIO on Guitars and Vocals

“In speaking with Larry, you get the feeling that his entire well-being evolves around music and playing guitar.   You also get the feeling that he could suddenly sell one million records next week and still be the same down-to-earth nice guy.  No glitz or phoniness, just Larry playing music and enjoying every minute of it.
Mark Ryan / Big Island Review Journal, Hilo Hawaii

Larry:  “I enjoy the spontaneity of performing….you never know what’s going to happen and you learn something during each performance.  Making people happy is where its at.”

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